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Online Radio

Fandango Mahjongg

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Mahjong Rank 4 (2/0/1153) New Game

Highscore: Start a new game only by click on the link "new game"!
Play this cute, animated version of the popular tile game Mahjongg.

1.11020last highscoresstarmedia1Tournament2013/08/29 / 03:42
2.10687last highscoresstarmedia1Tournament2013/10/01 / 01:49
3.10630last highscoresstarmedia1Tournament2013/08/27 / 19:34
4.10627last highscoresstarmedia1Tournament2013/04/04 / 00:05
5.10617last highscorespurpleyorkieTournament2013/03/12 / 15:57

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User comments
Escape the Room
what is the code for the safe

Black Ops Korean
takes so long to load

it is ok.

Apple Shooter
i made it to level 6

The Scene of the
Excellent Game, had me going for a minute! Love those kind of games. Make more sequels!

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